Motor insurer windfalls, Cherrywood homes and a call to prioritise 5G – The Irish Times

As road traffic slumped during lockdowns all across Europe, so too did motor insurance claims, with the result that insurers are expected to enjoy windfall profits on the policies, according to Moody’s. Some insurers have issued small rebates, but in a new report, the ratings agency suggests insurers will also use their gains to keep premiums down next year and improve their image with customers. Mark Paul reports.

About a dozen pubs in Dublin have already closed permanently because of Covid-19. In The Bottom Line column, Eoin Burke-Kennedy writes that pandemic-hit publicans may continue to be on the wrong side of tough calls, as the Government is unlikely to risk further reopening at the same time as the return of schools.

The State needs to set up a national working group on 5G to avoid missing out on the economic opportunities the technology can bring. That’s the recommendation of a

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