National rent prices jumped 1.2% in the last year despite impact of Covid-19 –

Image: Shutterstock/EQRoy Image: Shutterstock/EQRoy

THE AVERAGE NATIONAL rent price has continued to rise year-on-year, despite the impact of Covid-19 on the rental market for much of 2020.

New statistics published by property website show that rents across the country rose by an average of 1.2% in the year to the end of July.

The average price of rent in Ireland now stands at €1,412 per month.

Dublin continues to see the most expensive rents in Ireland, with the average cost of rent €2,030 per month, a marginal increase of 0.2% compared with July last year.

The rest of Leinster saw the highest year-on-year rise, with a 3.3% increase from July 2019, bringing the average monthly cost of rent in the region to €1,219 last month.

Munster saw a 2.7% rise in the year to July, when average rents reached €1,069 per month.

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