New State body required to build homes and tackle housing crisis – The Irish Times

The latest programme for government makes the same mistake as its predecessor, Rebuilding Ireland, in attempting to resolve the State’s social-housing problem by relying on its 31 local authorities.

Over the four years from 2016 to 2019 inclusive, the local authorities apparently delivered all that was asked of them and more. The headline figure is that they produced 100,108 housing units, 9.9 per cent in excess of the target.

Unfortunately, the waiting list for social housing fell by only 22,907. This implies an additional 77,201 applications for social housing.

Given this surge in demand, the targets are effectively containing the social-housing problem but not eliminating it.

A black spot continues to be homelessness or people in emergency accommodation. The numbers here increased 16.2 per cent to 6,277 during the last government’s term.

How then did the local authorities achieve their targets?

Total spending over the period was €5.4 billion. Of

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