Pádraig Hoare: Time for a green light for the sustainable energy of the future – Irish Examiner

Imagine hopping off an electric tram and into a self-driving electric car that is ready and waiting to take you on the final leg of your journey.

Imagine your electric car, now used merely for leisure pursuits as comfortable public transport trumps all, can be used to transfer stored energy, to power your home when you come back from a journey.

Imagine not having to turn on gas heating in the dead of winter for all hours of the night just to stay somewhat warm, because your home is already capable of staying cosy by itself, with little energy expended, and no bills to worry about.

These exciting scenarios are not the realm of science fiction, but very real possibilities being explored in the high ends of research and development when it comes to sustainability, durability, and the environment, according to Tyndall National Institute’s newly-appointed head of energy research, Professor

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