Pandemic reveals impact of Airbnb on Irish rental market – The Irish Times

It took a pandemic to lay bare the impact of Airbnb on the State’s rental market. For years we’ve had the hollowing out of rental supply combined with soaring rents. In Dublin, average monthly rents are now just over €2,000, having risen 104 per cent since the 2011 low.

With house price inflation moderating and sale prices out of reach for many on low, middle and even high incomes, experts said demand pressure had switched from the sales market to the rental market.

But there was another factor, an aggravating factor, that nobody was talking about. Short-term listing sites like Airbnb had sucked thousands of properties out of the traditional long-term rental market as landlords chased lucrative tourist lets.

Pre-Covid there were more than 5,000 homes in Dublin available to tourists via Airbnb alone. This in the midst of a housing emergency with low-income families stuck in temporary accommodation such

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