Private Rents Showing Signs of Falling Across the UK – Property Notify

Private rents have remained stable during the coronavirus pandemic but started to fall across parts of the UK during June according to a leading property firm.

Property management firm, apropos, has analysed the latest official data from the Index of Private Housing Rental Prices (IPHRP) which shows that the 12 month price change for the UK is at 1.5% in June and has been at that figure since April and before that it was lower at 1.4% in February and March.

The figure for England is 1.5%; in Wales 1.4%; in Scotland 0.6%; and in Northern Ireland 2.6%.

Between February and May rent growth in every English region were either static or even continued to increase. In the West Midlands, for example, the 12-month price change was 1.5% in February and rose to 2.2% by May.

However, this situation changed in June and

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