Rental eviction ban extended by four weeks in England and Wales – MoneySavingExpert

Renters have been protected during the coronavirus crisis by a ban on evictions, which was first brought into force in March and then extended in June. 

Now the Government has said that the ban in England and Wales will be extended by another four weeks, until Sunday 20 September.

It has also announced that in England the notice period landlords must give before starting eviction proceedings will be extended from three to six months until at least 31 March 2021, in order to give tenants greater protection. In Wales, it is already six months. 

The ban on evictions had already been extended until March 2021 in Northern Ireland and is set to be extended until then in Scotland. In Scotland landlords must give six months’ notice, while in Northern Ireland it’s 12 weeks. 

Tribunals have restarted Scotland for those who received eviction notices for their properties before 7 April and

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