Retailers warn of further shop closures amid ongoing standoff with landlords over rent – Irish Examiner

Retailers are warning the Government to take action to prevent further shop closures.

Some of the high profile stores that have shut during the pandemic include Mothercare, Oasis and Debenhams.

Retail Excellence is calling for state support and wants landlords to base rents on a percentage of turnover.

Its Managing Director, Duncan Graham says a code of practice is needed to sort out disputes over rent. 

Mr Graham says: “We are really looking for some sort of code of practice to support in the ongoing issues that we’ve got between retailers and landlords

“This has been going on for some time now since the lockdown. We’ve seen a 30% drop in retail sales through the lockdown and whilst there has been a bit of a bounceback since then, 

“We are still in a position where for the next few months it’s going to be really difficult. 

“So, we need this

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