Roundstone’s lost summer: ‘Within an hour, most of my bookings were wiped out’ – The Irish Times

It’s not as geographically far from the capital as some other glorious seaside villages on the west coast, which is possibly one reason why the Connemara village of Roundstone has long been a popular holiday destination for Dubliners. 

Or rather, a certain cohort of Dubliners: people who are wealthy enough to buy what are often expensive houses in and near the village. At some point in the past decade or so, the preponderance of holiday houses owned by people who normally work and live in Dublin meant that Roundstone was (inevitably) dubbed either the “D4” of Connemara, or “C4”. 

“Or G4,” says Orla Connelly, who grew up in the village. “People from Galway city have been coming out here too for several years now.” 

Like many other Irish western coastal villages in Donegal, Sligo, Clare, Cork, Mayo and Kerry, Roundstone has gorgeous beaches close by, and stunning mountain backdrops. The

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