‘Seven years it took me’: Limerick man celebrates €500,000 EuroMillions win – The Irish Times

A Limerick taxi driver who won half a million euro in Friday night’s EuroMillions Plus draw said he feels “on top of the world”.

Eddie Costelloe, from Moyross, welled up as he recalled telling his mother Helen, before she died in 2013, that one day he would win the lottery.

Mr Costelloe (43) said: “On my mother’s deathbed, I said to her ‘Mam, I’m going to win the lotto one of these days’, and she said ‘son, you will’, and I’ve been chasing this for a long time.”

The father of two added: “Seven years it took me, and I got it. I’m after getting half a million.”

He described the win as “life-changing” for himself and his wife, Antoinette, and their two children, Cian (5) and Megan (9).

His mother’s anniversary, (4-7-13) has twice previously brought him good luck, netting him €15,000 from two previous lotto draws.

On Friday,

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