Should I buy an investment property or save for my dream home? – The Irish Times

I recently bought my first home in Ireland last summer but sadly didn’t qualify for first-time buyers as I’d moved home from the UK only six months before that. (Despite paying tax in Ireland)

Anyway, I’ve saved up enough of a deposit to buy a second home as a buy-to-let. This home we are in now is not our forever home and I see us there for three years max. Should I invest in another house for buy-to-let now or should I keep saving for the dream house?

Ms N.McG., email

Sometimes, it’s the throwaway lines that intrigue. You say you were working in the UK but paying tax in Ireland. Odd, but if so, you should have been eligible for Help-to-Buy?

Unless of course, you mean you had come home and were paying tax here for six months but didn’t qualify. That would be correct as Help-to-Buy grants you

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