Social distancing forcing students to sit apart 'like classrooms in the past' – Irish Examiner

For teacher Ben Cochain, the introduction of social distancing to the classrooms at Cork Educate Together Secondary School (CETSS) reminds him of the classrooms of his youth growing up in France.

“I don’t know how it was in Ireland 20, 30 years ago but in France, the classrooms were set up how we have the classrooms set up now, with students at individual desks, one metre or two metres away from each other,” he told the Irish Examiner. 

“And the teacher at the front of the classroom. Before the lockdown, our school were doing something completely different to this, where the teacher would be moving around the classroom, helping students on the spot. We won’t be able to do that to such an extent due to the social distancing rules.”

Currently based on Wellington Road in Cork City, the secondary school has always used a lot of active teaching methodologies

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