State says policy of three non-family members sharing rooms is in place at Newbridge Direct Provision – Leinster Leader

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland claims that residents in the Eyre Powell, after returning from quarantine, are now back in overcrowded conditions.

Lucky Khambule says that the majority have returned from Citywest, where they were in isolation.

Following an outbreak of positive cases of coronavirus at the Eyre Powell, the majority of the 120 residents were moved to Citywest two weeks ago for isolation.

Mr Khambule says that they have not received any form of Pandemic Unemployment Payment assistance. He said: “It has been rejected, because they are in direct provision.”

Mr Khambule also claims that these workers have been told that they can’t go back to work. “Those who are working and living in direct provision, have been told not to come back to work. They can’t get out of direct provision,” he said.

He said: “They can’t afford rent on the minimum wages that they get.

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