Trainee doctors opting to leave country due to lack of 'lifestyle-friendly' schemes – Irish Examiner

Doctors undertaking national training schemes in Ireland have called for urgent reform of the schemes to promote a healthier work/life balance.

The doctors say the schemes are a big factor in why so many Irish medics choose to emigrate.

In Ireland, doctors who have completed their undergraduate degree become a junior doctor and complete an intern year with various placements.

Junior doctors can then apply to different specialised training schemes of varying lengths, and upon completion, the doctor has become a specialist registrar.

This training is provided by independent medical postgraduate training bodies, who are accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland.

Anne Murray, a trainee paediatrician based in Dublin but originally from West Cork, says the system needs reform.

She will be separated from her partner, who is also training to become a doctor, as they only have two weekends off together in the next three months.

“We are

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