Tune into BBC 2 tonight. From Jimmy Savile to Carl Beech, the BBC's lamentable coverage of VIP sex abuse. – Village

Jimmy Savile

By Joseph de Burca.

The BBC has a lamentable record insofar as VIP sex abuse is concerned. It allowed Jimmy Savile prey on children for decades while countless officials knew what he was like. Johnny Lydon (aka ‘Johnny Rotten’ of the Sex Pistols) was shut down when he tried to expose Savile. If Lydon – a complete outsider –  knew he was a child molester, it is not hard to imagine how many people inside the BBC also were aware.

Johnny Lydon

Why the BBC really covered up for Savile is still a matter for conjecture. The most likely answers are deference to the British Establishment and the malign influence of British Intelligence, especially MI5 which is attached to the Home Office. Savile was a friend of the Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher and other VIPs. Savile was also part of the various overlapping VIP abuse rings which were being

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