UK Landlords need to prepare to survive these challenging times By David Alexander, joint Managing Director of apropos – Property Investor Today

28 August 2020 26 Views

There has never been a harder time to be a landlord in the UK. The pressures that the last six months have incurred on many individuals in the private rented sector are beyond what anyone could have predicted or needed. A sector that was already being challenged by legislation, financial restrictions, and regulatory pressures has found itself at the heart of the pandemic and the many serious issues that it has raised.

Everyone involved in the sector knows this and will have spoken to landlords who are deeply distressed and worried about their current situation. They will be concerned about their tenants, about their properties, about their finances, and about their future in a sector that has never before faced such challenges. Although we are already six months into this situation, it is clear that the next six months are not going to

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