Una Mullally: The exhilarated enlightenment of lockdown has almost evaporated – The Irish Times

Six months on from Ireland’s first case of Covid-19, the country continues to reel from the physical, psychological, emotional and economic impacts of collectively dealing with a serious illness. People have lost loved ones, jobs, work, opportunities, planned celebrations and travels, and the sense of security that allows us to move forward, plan and imagine our futures. The hardship of negotiating lockdown – something people in Kildare continue to experience – gave way to a murkier, messier transition, a kind of Schrödinger’s cat version of society. There’s also a broader dread that we ain’t seen nothing yet. This holding pattern – perhaps more accurately described as an induced coma – is discombobulating.

To participate in Covid-era versions of the very normal things people do to let off steam, commune, catch up or engage in the therapeutic and entertaining power of live art or sport or socialising, theatre, concerts, pubs and

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