United Kingdom extends ban on evicting tenants for another four weeks – ClickLancashire

The government has confirmed an extension to the ban, which ends on Monday, until September 20.

With the prohibition on evictions now due to end on August 23, the government faces trying to balance the demands of landlords who say it’s unfair to expect them to foot the burden of tenants who aren’t paying rent, and avoiding a surge in homelessness by supporting renters who have been pushed into economic hardship during the pandemic.

Earlier in the week, Labour city leaders including London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick urging him to extend the ban to ensure that “no renter who has lost income due to coronavirus will be forced out of their home”. That is why now I am announcing a further more 4-week ban on evictions, this means no renters will have been evicted for 6 months.

The government also said there will be a

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