'Useful idiots' at the BBC. The incompetence of the BBC has resulted in it becoming a pawn in the cover-up of VIP sex abuse. The darkest forces in MI5 and MI6 are the true beneficiaries of its inepitude. – Village

By Joseph de Burca.


The BBC’s documentary on the liar and fraud Carl Beech raises the most serious questions about the competence of the BBC. For years Beech masqueraded as the survivor of a VIP sex abuse ring that allegedly engaged in the rape, torture and murder of children. During his masquerade, Beech enjoyed the attention of the mainstream British media and a now defunct website called Exaro. Meanwhile, the reporters who gave Beech acres of publicity ignored the existence of genuine victims of sex abuse. Some even misreported what they said.

The BBC documentary on Beech, which was broadcast on Monday, 24 August 2020, did not reveal a single new fact of any relevance and was a pointless exercise from a journalistic point of view. All it has done is cast doubt on the credibility of genuine victims of sex abuse such as Richard Kerr.

Instead of

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