What are the Garda doing at evictions? – Village

The presence of gardaí at evictions may lead tenants to believe that they have no choice but to vacate their home.

By Conor Doyle.

Video footage emerged last Thursday of the latest iteration of what’s become a familiar scene. Men, dressed head to toe in black, with dark glasses and face coverings (although on this occasion not balaclavas, because perhaps conveniently Covid-19 masks are now mandatory) pouring into a private residence to carry out an eviction, with gardaí present. In the video, three gardaí can be seen informing the tenants, the majority of which are foreign nationals, that they have no right to be on the property. But Garda have no function at a private eviction, except in cases where there’s a criminal act – or a credible threat of a criminal act – taking place. And furthermore reports are claiming that the eviction was illegal suggesting their primary role

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