Witness protection, Irish-style: ‘The whole courtroom wanted to kill me’ – The Irish Times

‘They drove me up from Naas on the wrong side of the road,” says protected witness Joseph O’Callaghan. “There were jeeps on each side with men with guns. They brought me up into this courtroom and there were guards all around me and I couldn’t see anyone but I could hear people… They walked me through the court and you could hear people going ‘rat’, ‘snitch’, ‘grass’. The whole courtroom wanted to kill me. I couldn’t see them but then they put me into the box and when I turned around then I could see everyone.

“And Brian Kenny was there like a crazed f**king lunatic. I thought he was going to climb over the box. He was jumping up and down … Nodding and looking at me and staring. Everybody was there. The place was packed. You couldn’t see an empty space.

“[The judge] told the guard who was

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