8 reasons why you should move your startup to Cork – The Next Web

In a post-COVID recession, new global startup ecosystems are going to be vital to boosting the economy. Founders and entrepreneurs who are looking to relocate their startups should consider a number of factors, including a city with ready access to angel and venture capital funding, as well as a collaborative climate that will support startups. The City of Cork, as the second-largest economic hub in Ireland and one of the only English-speaking cities in the Euro-zone, is quickly becoming a top choice for founders interested in scaling their business from one of the strongest economic bases in the EU.

fDi Intelligence and TNW recently ranked Cork among its Top 10 Tech Cities of the Future 2020-2021 for Economic Potential, as well as one of the Top 25 European Cities of the Future 2018-2019, and it’s not hard to see why. Cork’s dynamic business ecosystem has consistently attracted top multinational companies;

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