Arts venues 'limping' through Covid-19; fears theatres won't be able to keep going –

FEAR around the future of theatres in Cork has been heightened following the announcement of new government restrictions to combat Covid-19.

Ireland has now shifted from a short-term emergency response approach to a medium-term approach to managing the risk and minimising the societal damage inflicted by the virus. 

The country is currently at level 2 of the plan to eliminate the disease.

Current guidelines state that up to 50 patrons are permitted in pods or groups of up to six.

Up to 100 patrons are permitted for larger venues where strict two metre seated social distancing and one-way controls for entry and exit can be implemented.

Executive Director of The Everyman theatre, Sean Kelly shared his thoughts on the news.

“We are greeting this news with a very cautious welcome,” he said.

“The Everyman will last into 2021, even though we will limp through this period. Beyond that, it’s going

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