Dettol can’t revive the office – only employers can do that – The Irish Times

“Choose death,” tweeted Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh as he shared an image of an advertisement listing allegedly much-missed aspects of office life.

“Hearing an alarm. Putting on a tie. Carrying a handbag. Receptionists,” the ad began, immediately triggering suspicion. Who enjoys hearing an alarm? Were people still wearing ties before the pandemic? Are handbags work items now?

It got worse. Once this ecstatic employee had finished bothering the receptionist, they saw their “second family”, had some “proper bants”, checked out the “plastic plants” and laughed freely at “the boss’s jokes”.

Then after “hearing buzzwords” and “accidentally replying-all”, they ended their day by “leaving early for a cheeky afternoon in the sun” (as you do) and didn’t cringe once throughout any of this.

While Trainspotting’s “choose life” rant was fierce and satirical, this British nostalgia for office life seemed at best clumsy, and at worst clueless.

David Brent, the guitar-toting narcissist

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