'Fundamental overhaul' of grants system needed, says minister – Irish Examiner

A “fundamental overhaul” of the grants on offer to students is needed to improve access to third level education, according to Simon Harris, the Minister for Further and Higher Education.

Mr Harris was speaking at a panel discussion organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) around emerging issues for the sector due to Covid-19, and the future of funding.  

In order to begin removing barriers to third-level education, a “fundamental overhaul” of the SUSI grant system will be needed, according to Mr Harris. 

“I accept that the grant system of today is certainly not fit for tomorrow, whether it’s fit for today, you can debate,” he said. 

“We’re telling people they need to earn and learn more, but it doesn’t submit part-time learning. We’re telling more and more people they need to do post-grads, and we’re not supporting that enough.”

Officials in his department are drawing up a

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