Ghost town?: What does Google's decision to pull out of an office deal mean for the landscape of Dublin city centre? –

Image: Sam Boal Image: Sam Boal

GOOGLE’S DECISION THIS week to pull the plug on a deal to rent office space near Dublin’s docklands sent shivers down many a spine.

Since March, when the virus first flushed hundreds of thousands of workers out of their city-centre offices, speculation about the future of the capital and what it will look like when all is said and done has been rife.

Is Google’s decision the first omen that Dublin will soon be pock-marked by half-developed sites and abandoned office blocks in the near future?

Anything is possible, of course, and change seems inevitable but the outlook is perhaps not that bleak in the short to medium term.

Some experts are cautiously optimistic that visions of the capital descending into a ghost city overnight are off base.

A new report by property consultants HWBC suggests that

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