“Government appear hell bent on creating problems for restaurants rather than solutions,” says Offaly TD – Offaly Express

The latest set of regulations to be imposted on restaurants and food serving pubs are being described as “wearyingly bureaucratic and completely out of touch with commercial reality”.

Deputy Carol Nolan was speaking after The Restaurants Association of Ireland and the Vintners Association both referred government demands that detailed records be kept of customers food purchases to the Data Protection Commissioner for an assessment of its legality: 

“This latest initiative by government which requires restaurants and food serving pubs to store and file receipts for all customers for a period of 28 Days is ham-fisted and ridiculous. It will just create more layers of bureaucracy which is precisely what the sector does not need at this time.”

“Indeed, what these regulations will do is to simply heighten the sense that restaurants and pubs are being subjected to state sponsored snooping and observation; the kind that is not justified by

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