Government urged to stick to courts reopening timetable and amend the system – ARLA Propertymark

Following the UK Government’s recent announcement about the courts in England and Wales reopening from 21 September to hear possessions hearings, ARLA Propertymark has written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to urge them to stick to the timetable but also to reflect on the implications of COVID-19, looking to adequately resource and amend the existing courts’ system.

It is vital that the courts begin hearing cases again as soon as possible so that those who choose not to pay or are guilty of unacceptable behaviour, face justice. ARLA Propertymark has repeatedly raised the issue that tenant arrears incurred prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, are unrelated to the outbreak and should be treated separately. In addition, further last-minute announcements delaying the courts from reopening and extending notice periods, fail to consider the practical implications and knock-on effects for agents as businesses who manage multiple tenancies.

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