Half of students lost deposits after being forced to leave rental accommodation during lockdown – Independent.ie

Half of students did not get their rental deposits back after they were forced to vacate their accommodation at the beginning of lockdown.

new survey highlights how students were negatively impacted when universities had to close, forcing many to return home to live with their parents.

The survey, carried out by housing charity Threshold, reveals that 49pc of students did not get their deposit back.

It also shows students have serious concerns about the year ahead, with three-quarters worried about being able to pay for accommodation ahead of the new academic year.

Nearly half (45pc) of students have been asked to pay more than one month’s rent in security deposits, while one-fifth have been asked to pay four months’ rent in advance.

Chairperson of Threshold, Aideen Hayden, said the experience of students during the Covid pandemic exposed the urgent need for legislative action.

“Our new survey on the impact

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