Home schools: Seven schoolhouses to live in – The Irish Times

Offering lessons in symmetry, light and space, a former schoolhouse can make an appealing alternative to a bog-standard semi or terraced house.

It’s back-to-school time and while a lot of parents will be waving their kids off with a large sigh of relief, and be hopeful of getting some sort of rhythm back into weekdays, some savvy house-hunters are sharpening their pencils and starting to go through the roll of former school buildings.

With many of us having spent hours in our school days gazing at their internal features when we should have been paying attention in class, we’re well aware of just how spacious these properties are. With their big windows and high ceilings, school buildings offer the potential for lots of living space that can be set over different levels. They also offer refreshingly non-uniform layout options.

There are plenty of doer-uppers for sale both in towns and villages

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