Housing Minister says 16000 homes will be built in Ireland this year – Newstalk

Around 16,000 homes will be built in Ireland this year, according to the Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien.

Minister O’Brien said the COVID-19 pandemic has provided “a serious challenge for the construction sector”.

Speaking on The Home Show with Sinead Ryan, he discussed his plans for tackling the housing crisis in Ireland, particularly the affordable housing scheme.

The construction of these homes, which are expected to cost buyers between €160,000 and €250,000, aim to help those caught in a “rental-trap”.

He said: “What we were looking at earlier this year pre-COVID was that the sector would build 25,000 homes in Ireland.

“That was then projected to be less than 14,000.

“It looks like now it will probably be in the region of 16,000 which is good news.”

Minister O’Brien said that “affordable housing for working people has always been a priority” for him.

He added: “There’s a whole load of people out there, couples

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