‘In Denmark, we pay high taxes and health insurance but we get a lot back’ – The Irish Times

Ireland was no place for young “adventurers” in the 1980s so musician Billy O’Shea left for Europe, settling down in Copenhagen.

Having completed his Leaving Cert in 1975, O’Shea, who is originally from Shannon in Co Clare, had gone to Trinity College to study economic and social studies.

“That was before they put the B for business into the course. I enjoyed Dublin, but didn’t really take to college life, so I quit after the second year of a three-year degree course, took some time off and then got a job as a sound man at RTÉ. ”

O’Shea said he operated the boom mikes on the flagship Late Late Show as well as numerous sporting events and live shows.

“It was the late 1970s, early 1980s, but sadly Ireland was a depressing place and I wanted to go elsewhere. Irish people of my generation were emigrating at a staggering

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