Irish Examiner view: Sane voices never more important – Irish Examiner

It is not necessary to see the future as bleakly as Margaret Atwood did in The Handmaid’s Tale, or as Cormac McCarthy did in his post-apocalyptic novel The Road, to fret about what might happen if one of the bizarre militias shadowing the US’s public protests loses control and the shooting starts. 

It seems immaterial whether the first shot might be fired by one of the patriots-for-prayer groups or one of the all-in-black alternatives who shield Black Lives Matter activists. 

It is, indeed, a tinderbox and it is hard to believe that the players understand the domino consequences of their preposterous, central-casting posturing. Or maybe they do.

From the perspective of the world’s saner countries, the right afforded to US citizens to bear military-grade firearms seems an incendiary mix of juvenilia, dysfunction, and insecurity.The US pays a heavy rent for that vulnerability. 

Almost 15,300 people were fatally shot there last year,

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