Irish swimming coach in Australia: ‘With two backpacks and two kids we headed for a city we’d never been to’ – The Irish Times

Debbie Teahan is a swimming coach in Perth, Australia. She is married to Sean and they have a daughter Erin, 12 and two sons, Daniel, nine and James, two. James was named after Sean’s father, who passed away three years ago. Debbie uses Facebook and is still Debbie Cashman there, so that is how people know her

We left Ireland in June 2011. In March 2011 we started to get into trouble with our mortgage and asked the bank for help. Their advice was to move out, rent out our house and come up with the shortfall. We told them we had nowhere to move in to – Sean’s parents were in their 80s, my father was a widow and we had a three year-old and a screaming three month-old baby at the time.

We had Australian passports from living in Sydney in our 20s and we knew we had

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