Is it really in the interest of Irish citizens to defend the Apple tax? – DiEM25

The wealth brought by multinationals has only very partially benefited Irish citizens because of the staunch refusal to implement redistribution policies.

How is it possible that a democratic government can spend 7.5 million fighting a legal battle to allow one of the largest corporations in the world not to pay their share of tax?

How is it possible that while the supposed corporate tax rate is 12.5%, the Irish government can openly acknowledge that Apple is paying 0.005% tax?

How is it possible that an election can occur in the presence of this court case and there is barely a whisper of dissent from the body politic or the electorate?

According to IMF researchers, Ireland is a tax haven. Yet where is the public outcry?

In the last decades the Irish public has been the subject of an establishment narrative touting that ‘there is no alternative’ concerning Ireland’s current economic

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