John Daly: Using lockdown to make uplifting music – Irish Examiner

While many people in the music world cursed the lack of gigging opportunities in the Covid era, John Daly sees the lockdown as a mixed blessing. 

After years of success as a DJ and producer, the Corkman had grown rather tired of the touring grind, and with a day job to pay the rent, was happy to spend more time in the studio.

“The touring thing becomes your job, and starts to colour your studio work, and you’re thinking about living off your music,” says Daly, originally from Myrtleville. “When I’m in the flow in the studio making the tune, and the hours are just flying by… that’s really as good as it gets for me.” 

The result of all that time in his home studio at his current base in Salthill near Galway is a new three-track EP under his Unity Surrender moniker. 

Standout of the trio of tunes

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