Law Society concern over people being crowded in courts –

The body that represents solicitors will warn politicians today that the management of the numbers attending court is becoming an “immediate concern.”

The Law Society of Ireland will highlight to the Special Oireachtas Committee on Covid-19 the need for the efficient and safe management of numbers of people attending courts.

In an opening statement, the President of the Law Society Michele O’Boyle warns that some courts, in particular some District Courts, remain crowded.

Ms O’Boyle will also say there is a need for clearer communication from Government on the Covid-19 restrictions.

She will tell politicians that there are lessons to be learned should a similar crisis happen again’ saying some issues could be better addressed.

Ms O’Boyle will say that “guidance” by ministers to regulate the behaviour of citizens is not satisfactory.

She will say that if requirements are considered sufficiently important to be mandatory, they should be placed on a legal

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