Look to start-ups for the recovery – Irish Examiner

The economy dropped by 6.1% in quarter two, the biggest drop on record. Take out the effect of multinationals and the fall is worse, at 7.4%.

Worst affected was building, down 38%, while retail and personal consumption, a key measure of domestic economic activity, decreased by 19.6% in the quarter.

This government and the previous administration have made trojan efforts to sustain businesses, unlike the fallout after the recession that followed the Celtic Tiger boom.

Of course some businesses will unfortunately not be saved.

The Government has nonetheless got it mostly right. Supporting business through employee support schemes, suspension and rebates of rates, credit guarantee schemes for loans, warehousing of Revenue debt, and a host of other supports, is the right thing to do.

It takes enormous effort to start a business. But the effort it takes to become an employer is even greater. A business person taking on an

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