Making Cents: Your mission if you choose to accept it… – Liam Croke – Limerick Leader

Liam, your mission should you choose to accept it, is to help a, 53-year old women, retire in 7 years’ time, free of any financial worries, where she never has to work again.

I’m obviously plagiarising some of the text used in the mission impossible TV and film franchise, but I thought it was apt to use, because that was more or less the task an individual set me last month.

I wasn’t really sure whether it was going to be mission impossible or not, but I was going to find out.

And I’m pretty sure the woman in question didn’t know either and I’m always nervous when someone starts off a conversation telling me, how bad they are with money. They’re great at spending it, but terrible at saving. And then follow up those comments, by telling me they’re hoping I can be their saviour and help them solve

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