Mary Lou McDonald: Confusion, mixed messaging and punch-down policies – this government is out of touch with reality –

YESTERDAY’S COVID-19 PLAN was meant to bring clarity and restore public confidence but it did anything but.

The government unveiled a five-stage plan… that seemed to most to have six stages. To navigate through this pandemic, we need public buy-in for the evolving measures that will continue to be required.

The number one priority to restore confidence is the need to fix testing and tracing, which has proved wholly inadequate. The public is understandably fed up by incoherent mixed messaging and clueless punch-down policies.

These are the most trying of times. People are understandably feeling weary and they seem to be getting it from all angles.

The confirmation that Ireland has reentered recession last week was Groundhog Day for so many still bearing the scars of the last recession, and the decade of savage austerity from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael that followed.

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