Michael Moynihan: Wanted, someone to regenerate Cork city – Irish Examiner

What can you tell from the cityscape? Really? What can you extrapolate from what you see when you walk the streets?

With that in mind, I met Frank O’Connor and Jude Sherry for coffee recently.

They run anois.org, a consultancy which co-creates products, packaging, policies, brands, strategies as well as training and development programmes. It seeks to make eco-design and the circular economy the norm, according to their website, and between them, they have 50 years’ experience working with businesses, governments, and education.

They also recently started posting pictures of derelict houses and sites around Cork, having moved to the city.

“We wanted to live car-free and were used to being able to walk to shops and restaurants and so on in Holland,” said Jude.

“We said we’d live within 15 minutes’ walk of the English Market, but people couldn’t understand why.” Frank chipped in: “For us, it was about

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