No rent from hairdresser tenant since March. Is the lease broken? – The Irish Times

When can I expect to receive rent from a tenant renting my commercial property? I have received no rent since the end of March and they opened back up at the end of June. It’s a large hairdressing salon on a busy main street in the southeast of the country. I would very much like to know if the lease is broken?

Declan Bagnell replies: This is a sensitive issue. On the face of it you were always entitled to receive your rent. That is unless there was a specific clause within the contract that allows the tenant rent relief such as a force majeure which deals with a pandemic. However, the reality is that we are, and have been, in unprecedented times and most landlords have been assisting their tenants through this difficult period.

What surprises me about your query is that you don’t appear to have had any

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