Now trending: Behind the scenes in Dublin's first 'TikTok house' –

Depending on whom you ask, putting a number of young influencers and TikTok stars into one house is a nightmare-next-door scenario or an endlessly fun and glamorous living situation.

nd in leafy South County Dublin, 10 social media superstars have moved in together to create possibly the most photogenic set of young housemates since, well, Tallafornia.

Yesterday, the denizens of the Goat House in Dublin posed for a group picture in their new abode, amassing thousands of likes on Instagram within hours. With its clean minimalist architecture, sizeable kitchen, cinema room, pool table, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a sleek garden, it looks like the stuff of property-porn dreams. Certainly, it doesn’t look like the sort of house your average twentysomething can afford.

But with over eight million followers between them on the ‘Gen Z’ social platform TikTok alone, the 10 ‘creators’ are far from average.

Among the Goat House’s residents

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