Oliver Callan: Swift Covid-19 action exposes State dithering on misbehaving industries – The Irish Times

If you want to know who holds the real power in Ireland, don’t look at what governments do, but what they don’t do. The world knows that tech firms harvest data, have misused it, then lied about it when caught. Facebook is among the most egregious offenders and has the five billion dollar fine to prove it. It seems remarkable then that you have not heard – nor are you ever likely to hear – a seriously critical utterance about the firm which employs almost 5,000 people here from anyone in Government or a State agency.

Ireland has even provided a sort of free legal aid service when tech companies’ remarkably low tax rate is challenged by the EU. Germany’s regulator has repeatedly said our Data Protection Commissioner is under-resourced and part of its operations to police multibillion-dollar global firms remain above a Spar shop in Portarlington.

There have been

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