Philip Quinn: Irish football is paying the tab for John Delaney’s champagne lifestyle –

Trust me, was one of John Delaney’s catchphrases. For too long, too many did and Irish football continues to pay a crippling price for his wretched time at the top.

At last, the truth of his ruinous reign has been rigorously and painstakingly exposed in Champagne Football, the book in which journalists Mark Tighe and Paul Rowan chart the rise, the crowning and damning fall of the former FAI chief executive.

The cover of the book refers to ‘the betrayal of Irish football’ and what follows gives grisly details of that sell-out where the only person who mattered in Delaney’s much-vaunted football family was himself, The Godfather.

John Delaney is overwhelmingly unpopular with the Irish public. Pic: Matt Browne/Sportsfile. Pic: Brendan Moran/Sportsfile

Anyone who stood in the way of ‘Teflon John’ or dared ask questions were removed, while those who made him look better were used as piggy-backs,

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