#TheReset-A safe, secure, and affordable place to call home can never be overstated, not least during a public health crisis – Slugger O'Toole

Heather Wilson is the Policy and Engagement Manager for Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland. Today she writes about the future of housing. 

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown brought about challenges never before faced by the housing sector in Northern Ireland. The almost instantaneous inter-agency cooperation that emerged during the early days of lockdown to make Northern Ireland the first and only jurisdiction across these islands to place all rough sleepers into accommodation sent a strong signal of intent of the direction of housing providers here.

Welding together the ambitions of a sector with client experiences on the ground during the coronavirus pandemic has set a bar that can be attained should the Department for Communities (DfC), alongside housing providers, introduce reforms that can ensure we have the best housing provision possible for tenants as we move towards the ‘new normal’.

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) in

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