#TheReset – Belfast City Centre's loss is the rest of Northern Ireland's gain… – Slugger O'Toole

I have not been in the City Centre since February and to be honest, I have no desire to rush back anytime soon. Even before the pandemic, it was not a great experience – noisy, dirty, lots of traffic, a harsh natureless environment, a notable increase in beggars and addicts. It is a pity because having a wander around the city centre was an activity that many of us grew up on. But lately, it has lost its attraction.

Of course, Covid-19 has made the situation a hundred times worse. The Belfast Chamber of Commerce has estimated only 5% of workers are back at work in the City Centre. Diane Dodds has appealed to the Civil Service to return to their offices to save the economy, to which the general response of the workers seems to be, “no thanks, we are ok at home.” Never mind getting Covid, staff are

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