Trump Spurns Climate Science In California Trip, Toni Atkins Reflects On This Year's Legislative Session, Nightlife Hotspots Also Virus Hotspots And 101 Ash Street Document Fabrication (KPBS Midday Edition) – KPBS

On a trip to California to survey the devastation of the recent wildfires, President Donald Trump ignored the scientific consensus that climate change is playing a central role in West Coast infernos. Plus, California State Senate President Toni Atkins reflects on this year’s legislative session and what lawmakers accomplished and left on the table. Also, a KPBS analysis of the data released by the county found nightlife hotspots were also hotspots for community outbreaks of COVID-19. In addition, UC San Diego is one of two UC campuses rolling out a smartphone pilot program to warn people of COVID-19 exposure. And, a look into the document fabrication that was the basis of a now-retracted news report about a former city councilmember’s role in the troubled 101 Ash Street real estate deal. Finally, because of the pandemic, San Diego Repertory Theatre is turning the play. “A Weekend with Pablo Picasso,” into a

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