'World recognised' live events scene could be knocked back 30 years – Newstalk

Ireland’s “world recognised” live events scene could be knocked back 30 years if the Government fails to step in.

Live events are worth around €3.5bn to Ireland every year and up to 35,000 workers may be forced to leave the industry if they are not supported through the coming months.

The Events Production Industry COVID-19 Working Group (EPIC) issued the warning as it launched its pre-budget submission today.

Ireland’s ‘world recognised’ live events industry could be knocked back 30 years without support

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Speaking to Tom Dunne on Moncrieff this afternoon, EPIC board member Liam Fitzgerald said Ireland’s live events industry has become world renowned over the past three decades.

“We are world recognized and that’s not just blowing trumpets,” he said.

“We have bands all over the world touring with Irish engineers and Irish technicians with them because

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