New 29th District Court judge has long-established roots in Wayne's 'Little Ireland' –


Judge Breeda O’Leary (Photo: Courtesy of Judge Breeda O’Leary)

Breeda O’Leary knew as a young Wayne girl she wanted to become a lawyer.

“Let me make my point,” she’d beg her mother.

Only encouraged to pursue these professional dreams, she’d adopt her mother’s strong work ethic.

Without much effort, she’d excel academically at St. Mary’s Catholic school and, in her 13th year, take her first job at Northside Hardware.

She kept her legal dreams alive, often thinking as a public defender, while attending Ladywood High School in Livonia, Michigan State University’s James Madison College and Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

But the Great Recession meant job prospects were dim for her graduating class. Rather than move out of state like some of her classmates, O’Leary chose to keep interning for Judge Jim Plakas in Plymouth’s 35th District Court.

“The best way

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